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April 2011

Science360 Radio iPhone App

S2N Media is proud to announce the release of our first iPhone app, Science360 Radio, developed with our technology partner, Objective Consulting, Inc.
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September 2010

Science360 Knowledge Network Launched!

Science360 Knowledge Network

The National Science Foundation’s new Science360 Knowledge Network site was developed by S2N Media. Science360 Knowledge Network immerses visitors in the latest wonders of science, engineering, technology and math through video.
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August 2010

Ancient Crocodile Website Developed by S2N Media Showcases New Discovery

S2N Media helped the National Science Foundation get the word out to the media about a newly discovered, ancient crocodile. The croc, about the size of a cat, was mammal-like, from its grinding molars to its skinny legs. Patrick O’Connor of Ohio University described it in the Aug. 5, 2010, issue of Nature.
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June 2010

NSF-sponsored Science Conference Presented in New S2N-developed Astronomy Website

S2N Media developed From the Ground Up: Eyes on the Sky for the National Science Foundation. It features content from an NSF-sponsored conference where science experts spoke about the most important topics in astronomy today. The site features photography of and from the leading ground-based observatories around the country and the world.
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May 2010

S2N Media Launches Green Revolution Video Series Website for the National Science Foundation

S2N Media designed the online presentation, including a new logo, for NSF’s Green Revolution video series. The series features scientists and engineers working with clean energy sources, new fuels and other energy technologies. Each segment explores a clean energy topic.
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April 2010

Learning From Haiti: Rapid Response Research Website Launched

Learning From Haiti: Rapid Response Research, a Special Report developed for the National Science Foundation by S2N Media, examines the work of researchers studying the January 12th earthquake in Haiti, as they study clues to its cause and look for ways to protect lives in future emergencies.
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February 2010

Science Scene Links Up Scientists with the Entertainment Industry in S2N-developed Online Resource

S2N Media developed the Science Scene website for the National Science Foundation. Science Scene is a program of the National Science Foundation’s (NSF) Office of Legislative and Public Affairs that develops programs and partnerships to increase public exposure to science and engineering through popular media, such as movies, television and interactive media.
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September 2009

S2N to Develop Websites for Veterinary Center Network

A national network of advanced-care veterinary centers that works closely with referring veterinarians to provide the highest standards for pet care, to offer pet owners the most options when facing medical challenges, and to give pets the best chance for longer, healthier lives, has awarded a contract to S2N Media for website and multimedia
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August 2009

The World of the Bible Website Development

Society of Biblical Literature’s has invited S2N Media to develop a prototype and a plan for a website, The World of the Bible, aimed at making academic information about the Bible accessible, and easily available, to the general public.
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July 2009

ABC New and Improved Prep Service

ABC launched a new and improved prep service for broadcast entertainment news providers. The new website will enable subscribers to enjoy an improved user experience and more delivery options for multimedia content.
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