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Citadel Media Website Redesign

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Citadel Media, part of Citadel Broadcasting, the largest pure-play radio company in the United States, as part of their ongoing relationship with S2N Media, asked for a complete redesign of their Programming websites, including sites for Media Demos, Media Libraries, and Media Programs.
The redesign updated and improved the look and feel of the sites, as well as modifying the technology of the back end to add a new level  of user with limited administrator rights in order to allow members of their staff to create and revise station accounts, as well as other privileges.
S2N created a number of striking templates for the sites, related in appearance but each strongly related to its content and genre so that users could easily identify which area they were in at all times.  Citadel was very happy with the work S2N created for them and the redesign has been extremely successful for them.

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