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Ancient Crocodile Website Developed by S2N Media Showcases New Discovery

S2N Media helped the National Science Foundation get the word out to the media about a newly discovered, ancient crocodile. The croc, about the size of a cat,  was mammal-like, from its grinding molars to its skinny legs. Patrick O’Connor of Ohio University described it in the Aug. 5, 2010, issue of Nature.

“At first glance, this croc is trying very hard to be a mammal,” joked O’Connor.  While numerous character traits show the animal is clearly crocodylian, he added, “A number of characteristics of this new species—including a reduction in its total number of teeth and a dentition specialized into ones similar to canines, premolars and occluding molars—are very similar to features that were critical during the course of mammalian evolution from the Mesozoic into the Cenozoic.”

The website featured videos, a webcast, as well as illustrations, and numerous photographs, all downloadable for the press.

Launch site: These Crocs Are Made for Biting

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