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Infectious Disease: Evolving Challenges to Human Health

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Infectious Disease: Evolving Challenges to Human Health is a new interactive exhibit at the Marian Koshland Science Museum of the National Academies of Science. S2N Media produced the companion website, incorporating interactives from the museum exhibit, as well as videos, educational resources, and additional background information.

This major website provides a rarely seen view of the microbes that cause some of the world’s most deadly diseases. Visitors will gain an understanding of how scientists develop tools and strategies to treat diseases. Interactive elements explore the distribution of microbes both in our bodies and around the world, and include a dynamic data feed of developing stories that appear as hotspots on an interactive map. Site visitors can also see how vaccines are used to control or eradicate disease, and learn how bacteria develop resistance to antibiotics.

S2N is proud to have participated in this in-depth view of the science behind this crucial issue and the challenges facing researchers today.

Launch Site

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