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NSF Website Redesign

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Launch site

S2N Media served as the lead visual design and strategy consultant on this large redesign project for a major government website. We helped set goals and strategies, and designed a consistent and elegant look-and-feel, navigation, and architecture for the site.

As a subcontractor for Dynamics Research Corp., we coordinated with internal organizations within NSF. We ran a customer satisfaction survey and leveraged the results into a new top-level navigation system that facilitated audience paths and workflow. We increased the visibility of funding and educational opportunities throughout the site. We redesigned the site with updated, consistent, visual style and created templates for internal and external development. We ran two rounds of usability testing and incorporated changes indicated by users. In addition, we worked with the public affairs section and scientists to develop new interactive science content for the general public. We created and researched images and wrote and prepared sections of the site for public launch. In addition, we created Dreamweaver templates and wrote training documents for the initial static page build out.

Launch site

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