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Our Plural History Website

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S2N Media produced this website that presents the multicultural history of the Connecticut River Valley in Massachusetts. Funded by the Ford Foundation, the site links college students together with people in the surrounding communities and provides a vehicle for students to conduct primary historical research and then present the results back to the public.

S2N advised STCC on this learning resource then designed and built out the sections surrounding the local historical themes with text, images, a timeline, interactive maps and more.

Our Plural History recognizes that U.S. society is constituted by disparate ethnic, racial, religious, linguistic, and cultural groups. So, in a basic sense, pluralism refers to a complex of values, beliefs, behaviors, customs and social forms that cannot be reduced to one. Pluralism implies something beyond simple variety, however. For American society, diversity is a given, but pluralism is a learned practice. Beyond the mere tolerance of difference, the practice of pluralism requires the active development of understanding across lines of difference — to purposefully set out to learn about others different from ourselves in order to overcome ignorance, stereotypes and the fears that underlie old patterns of division. Pluralism requires us to engage in a process of discovery and conversation that reveals both common understanding and real differences. We do not have to agree with each other, but we have to agree to live together.

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