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S2N Media is a leader in the development of award-winning Web sites and digital-media applications for museums, academic and educational clients, government institutions and scientific communities, and major corporations. Our senior staff members are integrally involved in every project, and they are hands-on throughout the process. We are accessible, responsive and accountable. In short, we’re professionals who know what it means to deliver superior results on time and within budget.

The principals of S2N Media have worked in the field of information technology since the earliest days of the Internet. We have approached each new project with enthusiasm and excitement, and have honed our methods client by client, project by project. We’ve gathered an impressive team of professionals at S2N Media, and with the benefit of their talent and dedication we’ve built a track record of successes of which we are proud. In addition we have a strategic partnership with Objective Consulting, Inc., providing technical services that range from strategic, network and database consulting, to software development.


A client once commented to us “You’re like instant clarity in a world of confusion.”
In that one phrase he summed up the goal of our company: to provide a clear signal in a world of noise… signal to noise… S to N… S2N Media. From technology issues, to ease of use, to content organization, we strive to cut through the confusion, to provide clarity.

Our mission is to enable our clients to get the strongest message across to their audience, in the clearest way possible. At S2N, we understand the importance of a strong collaborative development process to create dynamic, beautifully designed and easy to use solutions. Years of experience developing digital media for a variety of markets and clients have taught us a great deal about the key elements to success in this process.

Listening, visualizing and creating are essential concepts that we find intersect with each other and occur not only at the beginning of each development stage, but throughout all stages of our process. They are the tools that help us harness the creative process to meet each client’s unique needs.


Listening begins with understanding the many layers of the vision, identity, and mission of our clients. We discuss what makes our clients unique and we help ensure that the project will be consistent with strategic as well as short-term goals.

We continue with a deep review of the content to be presented. This is the basis that drives the creation of the appropriate look and feel, as well as site architecture. This may mean reading scientific journals, sorting through historical documents or researching primary sources. Next, we identify key elements so that the content is organized and accessible to the user.

Listening also requires close attention to the intended audience. Who are they? How best do we reach them and keep them engaged? How will they interpret the content? How easy will they find it to use? We conduct focus groups to ensure ease of use, and constantly review the project from the point of view of the audience.

Throughout this constantly evolving process we continue to listen to our clients’ ideas, critiques and questions. Success means responding to these comments with both innovation and flexibility.

To develop an overall concept and visualize it coming alive through individual activities is a complex process that requires a synthesis of content, design and technology. From brainstorming sessions to concept treatments to completed storyboards, we review each aspect to ensure they work together to strengthen the message and engage the audience.

Design sets the tone and expectation for the whole experience. The design concept is shaped to enhance the content, not detract. Working closely with the client, we develop several versions for review so that the impact of various elements can be discussed thoroughly and a strong consensus evolves.

Successful digital media depends on well-organized site architecture. Beautiful design and exciting content only lead to an engaging experience if information is easy to find and use. Visualizing the organizational structure of all the components is a crucial first step that is further refined through rigorous usability testing.

Nowhere is experience more useful than in the creation process. To build realistic budgets and schedules means anticipating potential problems and being prepared with solutions. We draw on our years of production management experience to ensure that the issues that can make or break a project — like sufficient time for client approvals, third party content contributions and software testing — are accounted for in building realistic schedules.

Technology, while the core of every digital project, must work for the task at hand while being transparent to the user. To create a technological solution appropriate for each project we combine ongoing research in the technology market with a flair for innovation. Our approach is to find the best solution, whether that means choosing the right software, creating new ways to utilize existing technology, or creating new technological solutions.

We respect the needs of our clients for deliverables that are on time, on budget, and that work. All deliverables are subjected to intensive testing on our servers as well as in the environment where they will live. In addition, we continue to serve our clients to maintain the integrity of each product. We are interested in long-term relationships and therefore our goal is to create digital media of the highest quality that exceeds all expectations.