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RACE: Are We So Different?

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RACE: Are We So Different was designed and produced by S2N Media for the American Anthropological Association. As a companion piece to a traveling museum exhibit, the project pulls together the latest scientific and scholarly understanding of the issue in an attempt to provide a revealing look at a controversial subject. According to the journal Inside Higher Ed, “The project’s Web site presents quizzes, timelines and other interactive activities designed to consider questions on the history of race in America, human variation across the planet, and race as a “lived experience.”

Launch site

“The interactive timeline is especially helpful, as it allows students to track race in America as it evolved in government, science and society.”

S2N is proud to have participated in this ground breaking educational look at one of the most compelling cultural and scientific issues of our day.

S2N developed the content with a group of expert advisors from a variety of scientific disciplines, and produced unique interactive activities, as well as a blog and a resource center.

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